TIPS - how to choose the right image

1.  If a photo is out of focus or too grainy we cannot improve it. Choose a photo that is sharp, clear and undamaged

In Focus

Out of Focus

2.  Choose pictures where the subject takes up 1/3 to 1/2 of the photo. The subjects faces should be at least the size a nickel for the best results

3.  Do not write on the front or the back of the photo. This can seriously affect the quality of the print.

4.  If you have heirloom or one of a kind photos, PLEASE, try to make a copy and send us the copy. If it is not possible try to use some special mail services like FedEx or UPS to be able to track your package

5.  Electronic or machine prints do not produce high quality result. We will inspect an electronic photo and inform you if there is a problem BEFORE we proceed. We cannot accept photo copies or Polaroid pictures. High speed film greater than ASA 200 may not reproduce acceptably on canvas.

6.  It is preferable to have the subject of your painting centered. If this is not the case, we may need to position or "crop" the photo to achieve the best possible painting.