How to Prepare file

1. We can accept your files via CD

2. It is very important to include a color printout of your layout with your disk. Seeing the content of the art will enable us to check for any possible errors.

3. Although files created using the Mac OS will yield the best result, PC files can be sent also. There is the list of formats we accept:

a) Adobe Illustrator EPS;
b) Adobe Photoshop EPS;
c) Adobe Photoshop TIFF;
d) QuarkExpress EPS;
All files should be saved in CMYK color mode.

4. Do not supply logos or other linework illustrations as bitmapped art. Typographic logos and related images need to be saved as outlines in the EPS file format

5. Proportion of the final repro documents must be in scale to the final size. Use cropmarks to clearly indicate final dimensions.

6. Scanned images need to be saved at a resolution of 150 dpi in the real size you want to reproduce. If you cannot create image of that size try to create as big as possible but at least 1/4 of the final size. The result file usually in between 60 and 80 MB. The best result will be achieved if you will scan on maximum resolution and then do all necessary changes.

7. All fonts used must be supplied. Both printer and screen fonts need to be included as well

8. All support (image/logo) files must be included especially if your work will require enlargement.

9. Only send files needed to produce the final output. Do not send unrelated files

If you still have any questions regarding file formats please contact us before sending your order.