Graphix Integrated LLC is a manufacturer and online retailer specializing in the custom and personalized products.

Customization - we work with artists and designers on Corporate and Residential settings (from custom coasters to house signs to artistic floor tiles) and architectural renovations, in addition to working with fine art framing and professional art show setups. We help to create an absolutely new product for each particular client with their own unique set of demands or needs.

Personalization - we select stylish, simple and useful goods from a wide range of Home & Kitchen, Corporate Office and Memorabilia products and supplies, and give them an individual character to sell online or make to order.

We explore European heritage and traditional craftsmanship in order to integrate these great artistic achievements into our work.
We adopt the newest technology, and combine it with our 20+ years of experience to produce the best possible product.

Some of our facilities are:
• computer design and engineering;
• technical and product photography;
• giclee print on a variety of professional types of paper;
• computerized mat-cutting;

We don’t just make things - we help you to create opportunities, keep memories, and show your personality.

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Our Works

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